This is the ultimate goal with each of our practitioners, to assist in the improvement of everyone’s quality of life. The majority of complaints are pain related, and as much as we do want to assist in pain reduction, ”we don’t chase pain…because you can’t catch it” we focus on cause of the dysfunction, the source of problem and thus reduce the pain while providing improved movement and function. In addition, we will provide you with exercises that you will use for many years.


Our team’s ability to assist athletes of all levels to achieve their goal, this is paramount with our sports therapy. Knowledge of sports and the biomechanics of movement, allows us to provide the optimal treatment to achieve peak performance.  With over 80 years of combined sports related experience, Legge Health has been facilitating sport performance ranging from the novice amateur athletes to Olympic athletes even to the professional athletes, whose career is based on their ability to perform. We provide support both within the clinic setting as well as onsite for individuals and teams.


We take pride in our individual practitioners and the one on one healthcare each provides. Our philosophy is to provide you, with the treatment best suited for you as an individual.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Recently we have taken this philosophy to the next level, by having our “team” of practitioners complete an initial assessment and then structure a treatment plan to optimize the skills and expertise for comprehensive therapy. Discussing patient care and determining treatments in real time.

Our group of healthcare practitioners have had “ROUNDS” for years. This is a monthly meeting to discuss patient care, updating continuing education and treatment applications.



“Without the Legge Health Clinic team this year I would not have been able to compete at the extremely high level that I did. I was really impressed with their team approach. There were no egos when it came to solving my injuries and doing preventative maintenance. Everyone was fully committed to making sure I was healthy. I looked forward to going to get treatment every time because of how positive the team was. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment, rehab or preventative maintenance. I was so lucky to have them help me out with my journey to try and make the Pan Am Games! I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. They all have become great personal friends of mine now!! “
Jared Baird

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