At Legge Health Clinic, we use cupping as a technique to improve circulation as well as the release fascial restrictions to specific areas of the body.

Our TCM specialist may provide glass cupping by igniting a flame in a small glass “cloche” and placing it on the skin. The heat would create a vacuum causing suction.

Our RMTs use a pump to create the vacuum in our cups and the suction created separates fascial layers and draws the circulation through the tissue flushing, nourishing and releasing the restricted areas.

Cupping can be both a gentle and an aggressive technique. It can leave marks on the skin for up to three weeks and these are a sign of the body’s “healing crisis” as it improved the vascularity to that area. We have had great success in treating headaches caused by myofascial trigger points and fascial restrictions throughout the shoulders and low back pain. IT band syndrome, shin splints and plantar fascitis Runners – not for the weak of heart but incredibly effective!

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