Premium Sports Therapy

Premium Sports Therapy

20 years of Sports Massage experience for elite athletes

Legge Health Clinic has been offering premium sports therapy for over 20 years.  Patrick Legge has worked at the Olympic level and has provided premium sports therapy to athletes permitting them to compete at their best level.  In fact Leah Pells has credited Patrick with “…putting me together so I could run”  during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Legge Health Clinic offers the best manual therapy, chiropractic, myofascial release and massage therapy to achieve optimal function for athletic performance.  Athletes will see an improvement in performance with the premium sports therapy and guidance offered by Legge Health.  Legge Health is now utilizing low level laser phototherapy, acupuncture, Kinesiotape and orthotics to assist with the manual therapy.


“This year Legge Health helped my curling team and I tremendously. We were in provincials which is only about 4 days however, some of us were in some pain so to make sure we are healthy and ready for our next game. They were available to see our players and his amazing team was able to provide us with the treatment we needed to peruse our goal. Legge Health staff has the knowledge and expertise to treat high performance athletes to ensure we can remain at the top of our game. We had won the provincials and got the chance to go to Nationals, so we all continued to go and see the Legge Health team. My teammates travel from Halifax and Chester and will continue to do so as the service is exceptional!!!!”
Karlee Burgess

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