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3 TCM Winter Tips

  1. Safeguard Your Energy
  2. Balance Your Time
  3. Stay Warm

In winter, TCM focuses on the water element and strengthening the related organs: the kidneys and bladder. The wisdom of water is to flow. A balanced water element is able to move smoothly through the season with strength, courage, and willpower. The kidney and bladder both play an important role in fluid regulation, a role in filtering out what is unneeded, regulating fluid circulation, and supporting the reproductive system. In TCM the kidneys are key sources of energy and balance. The kidneys supply energy to other organs that may be overtaxed or deficient. 

Winter is the time to slow down and conserve energy. Whatever your “winter hibernation” routine looks like, it’s essential to take this time to replenish your resources that have been used throughout the year. When we embrace winter, this nourishing time gives us the needed energy, vision, and purpose with which to emerge into spring— a season of growth, renewal of spirit, and fresh starts.

Safeguard your energy. Take extra care of your kidney health by conserving your energy, getting to bed before midnight and keeping stress extra levels low. 

Balance social and alone time. While winter is not the season for high-energy outings and adventures, it is the season for spending quiet time with loved ones and intimate gatherings among friends & family. It’s also the season for spending time with you  – giving yourself all the downtime you require to rest and recharge. 

Stay Warm.  Keep your feet and neck warm to help safeguard your kidney & bladder meridians. Eat plenty of warm foods, drinks, soups, and spices.  Also, increase your dietary salt intake.

Richard Wagner

Registered Acupuncturist

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