Donations for our Neighbours – NovelTea

“Oh No! Our favourite neighbourhood cafe is  gone!!! How will we get through our days without their smiling faces greeting us with world class coffee, homemade treats and cozy seats!!” gasped Jill Legge on Monday morning after Noveltea’s horrific fire.

Noveltea has provided our clinic with wonderful service, delicious coffee and treats and a beautiful space to unwind after a busy day seeing patients.

We want to lend a hand and show our ongoing support.
For the next two weeks Legge Health Clinic and the Yoga Attic would like to donate the equivalent to all gift certificates purchased between September 18th - 30th for any service and products at Legge Health to Noveltea.

You can purchase a gift certificate by visiting our Clinic or contacting us.

Legge Health Team

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