IOSR Coming Hybrid Courses

IOSR coming hybrid evidence-based courses!

Full course: 4 parts 2 webinars (theory) 2-d... onsite (practice) Affordable price! DO YOU WANT to know everything about the vagus nerve? DO YOU WANT to know how to test it physically and/or physiologically? DO YOU WANT to know about its brain-body connections and its neuroendocrine & immune role? DO YOU WANT to know and practice integrative osteopathy in this context, possibly including non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) or are you only interested in practising nVNS? DO YOU WANT to be part of a still small community of practitioners trained in integrative osteopathy and/or just in nVNS and increase your patient list offering possible solutions for complex, difficult-to treat conditions? IF SO, JOIN US!.. is time to register! all details here.

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