Fire Cupping

  • Uses fire to create a negative air pressure to adhere glass cups to the skin, and relieve muscle tension by drawing a deep layer of fascia into the cup
  • This suction increases blood flow to the area, in turn loosening the fascia or connective tissue that is stagnated and causing tension/pain
  • Instant pain relief for the neck, shoulders and back where we tend to hold the most tension, especially when stressed
  • Improves blood, Qi (internal energetic force) and lymph circulation
  • Aids in headache and migraine relief by releasing any internal blockages
  • Reduces inflammation to relieve pain associated with rheumatic diseases
  • Boosts the immune system as it removes toxins in the body

Silicone Cupping

  • suction increases circulation
  • separates muscle layers allowing the muscle tissue to move more freely
  • promotes tissue healing
  • Dynamic cupping helps increase function and flexibility in injuried tissue

You can learn more about cupping on Cupping Services Page.

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