Legge Health Clinic Welcomes a New Sports Massage Therapist – Zachary Ball

Legge Health Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of another sports massage therapist to our team.  Zachary is a 2016 graduate of the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As part of Zack’s student outreach with the College, he worked many hours with the Legge Health Clinic in last year’s Master’s Curling at the RECC in Truro and he assisted with the Dalhousie Track & Field Team. It was Zack’s focus and hard work that lead Legge Health to recruit Zack in this year’s CCMH graduating class.

Zack has been a yoga instructor for four years now and he is inspired by the style of Kripaul which offers new yoga students a gentler way to get started in yoga. Zack will be a wonderful addition and a valued member of the Yoga Attic at Legge Health.

Zack is an athlete who enjoys a variety of sports and understands the therapeutic needs of today’s athletes. In December 2015, Zack broke his leg playing soccer and he knows what it is like to be immobile and be away from something that you love to do. For Zack, this personal experience has fuelled his passion to help others any way he can. Zack is continually learning to find more ways to help athletes get back to their own passions as quickly and safely as possible.

Zack has been coaching soccer for ten years and is a certified C license coach. It is his passion for sports which led him to specialize in sports massage. During his time at the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, Zack played a role in the sports special clinic for two terms and worked at many of the college’s sporting events.

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