Exciting News About Our Athlete Maddie Quinn

Legge Health Clinic Inc. is proud to support amateur sport.  We have worked with several local athletes who have shown dedication to their sport and have been selected to represent Nova Scotia at the 2017 Jeux Canada Games this summer in Winnipeg.  Maddie Quinn is one of these athletes.

More about Maddie

Grade 7 (2013): Maddie started throwing and placed 4th at school provincials. 22.07m

Grade 8 (2014): Maddie placed 2nd at school provincials 30.60m and was ranked 3rd at nationals 34.97m.

Grade 9 (2015): Maddie placed 3rd at school provincials 35.75m. Was a bronze medalist at Legion nationals 38.75m. Maddie held the Nova Scotia provincial record at the midget level.

Grade 10 (2016): Maddie won gold at provincials, 44m. Maddie held the NSSAF regional record. The previous CEC school record was 41m. Maddie was a silver medalist at Legion national’s youth, 45.94m. She was the Nova Scotia provincial record holder.

Grade 11 (2017): Maddie holds the record at NSSAF regional 41.07m and gold at NSSAF provincials 40.07m

“Legge Health Clinic, over the course of a year, has significantly improved my physical wellbeing and allowing me to reach my full potential exactly when I need. The one on one sessions with Shane, Stephanie, Mike and Patrick are a huge part of the success I have received throughout my throwing career.” –  Maddie Quinn

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