Mother’s Day Sale – 2018

Spring is finally here and we are increasing our activities with the extra daylight and warmer weather.  With spring, we start gardening, increase our walking, hiking, and return to being mindful of our nutritional requirements.  Legge Health Clinic has many products and services to support all the mothers including a therapeutic massage, orthotic insoles and natural supplements.   Every mother deserves to receive a relaxation massage, the support of an orthotic which can be worn in all her footwear and nutritional supplements to assist her well-being.

We are offering a 30%  discount off the following for mothers:  massage therapy, orthotic insoles and for supplements (must be an existing naturopathic patient of Dr. Stephanie Millett).

Be sure to visit, call or use our online store to purchase your Mother’s Day gift certificates before May 11th, so you do not miss this important day!  Gift Certificates are available year-round in store and in our online store.

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