Laura Celebrates 10 Years at Legge Health Clinic

Reflections on 10 years of service at Legge Health Clinic

It still seems hard to believe that it has been 10 years since I moved out of the city to work in Truro.  When we first came here I didn’t know what to think, not knowing anyone and having no idea where I was going.  On my first few trips around town I kept ending up in Millbrook.  After getting over my directional dyslexia I found the clinic located in the heart of downtown within a house I fell in love with.  Its architecture reminded me of being in my hometown of Amherst and right away I knew it was the perfect fit.

Picture of 692 Prince Street from the Archives

Starting in this multi-discipline clinic was great for my young career.  Working together with other practitioners helped to shape the direction that my own practice would take.  In the early days I worked with the Bearcat hockey team through the clinic.  This showed me the drive and dedication that the athletes of our town have, which I continue to see them display. Since then I have worked with athletes of all kinds and have watched them accomplish great things in provincial, national and international competitions.  Along with this, the clinic over the years has presented me with a lot of volunteering opportunities including national volleyball and basketball tournaments.  Most recently I volunteered at the Gland Slam curling event hosted by the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.  Watching the superior athletes of this town accomplish goals makes me proud as not just as their Massage Therapist but it also gives me a sense of hometown pride.

Laura and Zachary at the Curling Event at the Rath

Over the years I have seen many people come and go within the clinic, not only as patients but practitioners as well.  Some have gone on to bigger and better things while some of our patients have left us all together and stay in our hearts and minds.  I have witnessed my young clients who were in high school leave for wonderful universities, complete their degrees and are now are starting their own families.  Others have moved to different places across the country and around the world for work and family.  The array of people that you meet and make connections with in this job can be very humbling.  You get to hear about their lives, both the good and the bad, all the while being there for them in their healing process.  This, still after all these years is my favourite part of the job .

Not only I have I changed in the 10 years of practice here but so has this quaint little town.  When I first came here I was living out in the country and traveling in daily but after moving in to town I started to see how much this place was growing on me.  Being located close to the beautiful Victoria Park was more then anyone could ask for, with breathtaking vistas and trails for everyone.  This park still is a top spot to take friends and family visiting from out of town.  It is also great for all of my suggested homecare recommendations.  I have also seen the landscape of our downtown streets change over the years with different businesses coming and going.  When I first came they were just putting the finishing touches on the Inglis street upgrades.  There are also many other projects that have been completed to improve our downtown since I have been here.  Last year I saw the completion of new of the Library and Civic Square which has been a great asset to our downtown.  Not to mention how much fun I had at our skating rink this winter between clients.

Inglis Street Clock

Cenotaph in Civic Square

New Library

As I walk to work once again on this wonderful autumn day, with the sun shining and the wind rustling the leaves, I cannot help but think about how many of my peers have left the province and their families for work.  I don’t think I could be any happier with my decision to stay here and work in a wonderful downtown environment making my home province thrive.  Making sure small businesses succeed and keep our downtown alive is very important to me, so being a part of this fills my heart.  Now that my partner and I have purchased our first house in Truro it has become our hometown and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  I cannot wait to see what the upcoming years in my practice bring for me and for this wonderful town.

Laura in Front of the Legge Health Clinic

Laura Shatford RMT

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