Meet Your Massage Therapist – Jill Legge

This is Massage Therapy Awareness Week. As a result, Legge Health has decided to introduce you to our Massage Therapists throughout the week. Additionally, at the bottom of this post, you will find a short form to enter to win an $80 Gift Certificate to use at the Clinic.

Jill has been working at Legge Health for 12 years and has thoroughly enjoyed evolving with the clinic as well as with her patients. She has worked as a registered massage therapist since 2005, certified yoga teacher since 2009 and has just completed her final year of study with the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Jill’s practice draws from her multidisciplinary background and is lead by the individuals needs and abilities.

Jill has been interested in proactive health care and active living since as far back as she can remember.  As a young girl, Jill remembers exercise as being a part of daily living, with her father’s home boxing gym filled with heavy bags, speed bags and chin up bar, fitness was a staple in her family.  She enjoyed equestrian riding, gymnastics and fondly remembers rappelling down her patio with a makeshift climbing rope belonging to her family dog, Pepper.  Although some of those trips down her pretend mountain and falling off horses didn’t always end well, Jill had the drive to keep trying, moving forward.  From the seeds planted in her childhood memories, Jill has discovered a deep connection with fitness and nature, rock climbing included.  Presently Jill also enjoys mountain biking, running and paddling.

Jill’s passion for self awareness and growth drives her to seek out the latest tools for improving overall well being while keeping her mind open to all perspectives in the field.  Jill believes there is a purpose and place for all health care rolls and working together with importance on prevention and proactive health is ideal.

Jill takes great joy in seeing those “light bulb” moments in her patient’s eyes when they learn something significant in which to enhance their health, whether it’s through her yoga teaching or in her office.

Jill believes there is great wisdom in the living body and truly feels blessed to be able to work with it daily.

Win a Gift Certificate

To celebrate Massage Therapy Awareness Week, Legge Health is holding a competition. Simply fill in this form for a chance to win an $80 Gift Certificate good for any product or service at the clinic.

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