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This is Massage Therapy Awareness Week. As a result, Legge Health has decided to introduce you to our Massage Therapists throughout the week. Additionally, at the bottom of this post, you will find a short form to enter to win an $80 Gift Certificate to use at the Clinic.

It was through sport which provided me my first connection to the world of massage therapy. As a track & field athlete sports massage was available at many of the high level and national competitions. While attending Simon Fraser University for kinesiology and competing in track I had more exposure to massage therapy.

While in Vancouver, I was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people, athletes, coaches and sports practitioners. A special thanks to the WCCMT facility and the class of 1994. My friends, Mark Bomba, Leah Pells, Curt Heywood and too many others. Coach Mike Lonergan, my mentors Rod Cheston, Dr. Doug Clement, Dr. Jack Taunton, Ron Mattison, Dr. Rui Avelar. Each of these talented and motivated people contributed to the development of my career as a RMT and sports massage therapist with provincial and national teams and the NBA Vancouver Grizzlies. I was part of the team that assisted Leah Pells from a significant injury in January to 4th place in the 1500m at the 1996 Olympics.

As the opportunity to establish Truro’s first joint massage and chiropractic clinic and to instruct at Nova Scotia’s first fully accredited massage therapy college presented, I moved back to Truro, Nova Scotia.

Throughout the next few years, my practice expanded and promoted sports massage in the local area at the high school and college level. Our massage therapy team had reached full capacity and we needed to move forward. This expansion lead to our current Prince Street location in downtown Truro. This is something that I contribute to my mom and dad, for their support over all the years and their infinity to support the downtown and local sporting community.

I have had the great opportunity to have a satellite clinic at the NSAC and contribute as host therapy team for numerous conference and national championships. A special thanks to Dr. Linda Ferguson, Lugene Young and Judy Smith for this opportunity to assist with the elevation of sport.

The days as a competitive athlete far removed, my goal of participating in the Olympics was finally realized with the opportunity to rejoin the amazing sports practitioners in Vancouver to be a member of the most comprehensive medical team ever established at the Olympic level for the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympics. This experience motivated and reinvigorated me to develop a true multi-disciplinary therapeutic clinic.

The belief in the necessity of having a strong team even in individual sports has lead me to volunteering as a coach at CEC track & field, where I have had the opportunity to be part of a historic high school program with some incredible people from athletes, coaches and support staff. Dave Mitchell, Bob Piers, Stephen Malick, Paul Millman, Scott Annand, Iain Lapointe, etc. While assisting some of the athletes to compete at the university level, I have also become an addition to the track & field team at Dalhousie University, working with Rich Lehman, Mike Bawol, Mike Van der Poel, etc.

I am very proud our current team at Legge Health, we are providing a comprehensive therapeutic environment for all our patients. I am energized to lead and support our team as we pursue the growth of our practice and patient care now more than ever in my 23rd year of practice. I would like to thank Jill and our staff Jennifer and Katie for their ongoing support of my effort to grow and change.

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