Legge Health Clinic Welcomes a Osteopath – Jillian MacPhee

Legge Health Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of a Manual Osteopath to our team.  Our team is excited to have Jillian join our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare as our first Manual Osteopath.

Jillian received her accreditation in Manual Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. She also holds a BSc in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University and a BSc in Nursing from The University of Prince Edward Island.

Jillian will be working in conjunction with Jill Legge, 5th year osteopath in study; our chiropractor Dr. Mike McCoul and our team of registered massage therapists to optimize your health with focus on joint and muscle pain and dysfunction.

Jillian is currently dividing her time between practicing as a Manuel Osteopath and a Registered Nurse. With a strong background in the health sciences, she has a clear and concise understanding of the cause and effect of various origins of pain. As a dedicated athlete, she is especially familiar with treatment of muscle and joint pain.

Having experienced a number of academic disciplines in the health community that has led her to her present comfort zone treating joint and muscle pain and discomfort, Jillian is a welcome addition to our team.

Please consult your insurance provider or contact the clinic to determine this new coverage offered at Legge health Clinic.

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