Legge Health Working with Dalhousie Track Team 2016

This is Jordan Bruce, one of the athletes that Patrick Legge works with at Dalhousie University.  He place 2nd at 2016 Olympic Trials….3rd at CIS National Championships.

This is what Jordan has to say about the assistance provided by Patrick:

“As a triple jumper, I know the struggles of injury more than almost anyone. For the past ten months, Legge Health has kept me injury free for the first time in years. Since my track and field career started at Dalhousie, my performances at AUS and CIS championships have been limited due to various injuries acquired in training and competing. Ongoing massage therapy and laser treatment has kept me able to train productively and in one season progress to personal bests, two provincial records, one AUS record, double gold medals at AUS conference championships, one bronze medal at the CIS national championships, and a silver medal at this years Olympic trials. Treatment from Legge Health is extremely critical to my training and I plan on continuing my journey with them to ensure a successful and healthy future. Thanks Pat!”

The Legge Health Clinic is very involved in the community and works to support local athletes in their endeavours.  This type of experience may assist you in achieving yours goals.  Contact us to find out.

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