3rd Annual Health Fair

Legge Health Clinic enjoyed attending the 3rd Annual Health Fair for the Home Hardware Distribution Center in Debert for 250 office and warehouse staff. The concept of the Health Fair was to promote healthy living and create an awareness of lifestyle choices. 
Starting off the day sharing her professional knowledge was Laura Shatford, RMT, who works with clients to help relieve pain and increase range of motion and function around the head and jaw. She understands the craniosacral system with release for all cranial bones and spine to sacrum. She also incorporates in her treatments Swedish Massage Techniques, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Treatment and Kinesio-taping.
Mid day professional communicating her expertise was Savanah Cameron, RMT, who understands and is passionate of all physical and psychological benefits that can be achieved by preforming massage therapy.
Stephanie Millet, BSc ND was inhouse for the night shift helping bring recognition to the priciples of Naturopathic Medicine. She works from a holistic approach, assessing the mind, body and spirit in order to address her patients individual needs. Blending both traditional healing methods and evidence based medicine, a unique treatment plan is then developed using core modalities such as traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counselling and hydrotherapy. Many people visit Stephanie without a diagnosis knowing they “just don’t feel right”. Others visit with specific health concerns. Some commonly treated conditions include gastrointestinal conditions, allergies, hormone imbalance, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, stressand mental illness.
A great day was had by all, especially William McFayden who won our Therapeutic Water Pillow giveaway...Congratulations William!

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