Chair Yoga at Legge Health

Chair yoga is at a new time and day, it will now be Thursday’s from 10-11am. Chair yoga is a great option for individuals who have mobility or standing issues, arthritis or even osteoporosis. Yoga in a chair gives the same benefit as any other yoga practices just using the chair to modify positions.

It’s the goal of each class to make sure poses and stretches work for you and are modified properly to make sure each pose is safe and comfortable and with small classes it allows for more one on one help!

Chair yoga gives the same benefits as other yoga practices, such that it helps build body awareness, increase circulation which is important if your limited to a chair, it helps bring awareness to breathing which also helps circulation and allows you to stretch and strengthen your body while in a chair and using it as support.

If you think you would benefit from chair yoga and want to have a fun time learning join us Thursday 10-11am! Please contact the office to reserve your spot as spaces are limited.

Also if you are just looking for something a little more challenging but you’re still new to yoga there is also beginner yoga Wednesday’s from 12-1pm, which breaks down poses and offers modifications that would give you the same benefits in a more safe and fun way through the use of props and slight changes to poses.

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