Mental Health Awareness Week

Legge Health Clinic would like to recognize Mental Health Awareness week.  Below you will find a graphic that details techniques to help improve Mental.  If you want more information on how Legge Health Clinic can help, please contact us. Legge …

Arthritis Awareness Month 2016

September is Arthritis Awareness Month. Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions and a leading cause of disability in Canada. The term arthritis is used to describe the collection of symptoms that occurs when an individual presents with …

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International Self-Care Day 2016

By Dr. Stephanie Millett, B.Sc., ND. To explore more of what YOUR individual self-care plan may comprise, call the Legge Health Clinic at 902-843-7475 or visit our contact page to book your naturopathic appointment. Legge Health Share this Post